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Known as an oil-refinery focused suburb of Houston, Channelview, TX has plenty of daily commuters working in the area. Because of this, finding a quality Car Locksmith Channelview TX is an important consideration for residents. A temptation for drivers may be to put a set of duplicate car keys hidden under the car in a magnetic holder. The problem is, potential thieves know this trick and the likely locations for a replacement car key to be hiding. While these magnetic holders are a good place to put the phone number for a trusted local locksmith, putting extra keys there is just asking for your car to drive away without you.

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A good Car Locksmith Channelview TX may also be able to help you replace the battery in car key fobs or program a replacement fob if the original was lost or broken. To do this, you may also have to contact the dealership for the make of your vehicle to determine the proper programming for the fob.

The dealer may also need to be involved for replacing modern car ignition keys, as many of them have the remote ignition or remote open buttons built into the key itself. It depends on the make, model and year of the vehicle, however, so a trusted local locksmith may be able to take care of everything at lower cost than a dealer.

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While more secure, keys for most vehicles built after 1995 require more than just cutting a duplicate spare car key. Before selecting a Car Locksmith Channelview TX, you will want to research whether your car requires a key with a security chip included. A transponder key locksmith will be able to not only cut the metal portion of the key physically, but also to properly program this internal chip.

If done incorrectly, the car will not start – or possibly even unlock. This is because the ignition sends a wireless signal to the key and will only start the engine if the “transponder” in the key sends back the correct signal.

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